How it works

a risk free opportunity to obtain a 25 year revenue stream

Green Day Generation is actively looking for land owners who are interested in a risk free opportunity to obtain a 25 year revenue stream and still retain title to their land!

Green Day Generation enter into agreements with land owners to develop their land for the UK solar industry. This includes obtaining all the required planning consents and connections agreements with the necessary authorities and local electricity company.

Green Day Generation fund all these costs

If the land is successful in gaining planning approvals and connection agreements to the local grid then Green Day will act for the landowner to secure a 25 year lease that will provide a secure revenue stream over that period.

retain title of your land to pass on to generations to come.

As this is a leasing arrangement you retain title of your land.

Obviously not all land is viable due to location and its topology but Green Day Generation will conduct a free initial survey that will determine viability at a very early stage in the process.

If land is viable then we agree terms and conditions and we get to work!

So if you have 10 to 50 acres of fallow land - either green or brownfield that is roughly south facing and you are interesting in securing an additional 25 year revenue stream then please contact us at: